Thursday, May 22, 2008

Day 243 - Eight Months Old

Yesterday the kids turned eight months old. Quite a bit has changed since last month: Emma is starting to babble more and have more of a personality; Andrew is on the cusp of learning to crawl; Emma's bald spot is completely gone; Andrew's bald spot is almost gone; and they both passed the LSAT and are currently applying to law schools.

As for the rest of us, Lisa only has 19 more working days before it's summer vacation. My job is about halfway done, and I'll be finished around the end of August. Grandma & Grandpa Ichikawa have only one more month here in Los Angeles before they return to Sacramento (until the next time we need them). And Kristi Yamaguchi kept her promise to my mom that she would win the Mirror Ball trophy on Dancing With the Stars.

"Yay! I'm eight months old!"


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Kerry said...

Finally, a picture with the teddy bears. Have you thought of sitting both the bears and kids up and taking a picture? It would be cute. Love, Auntie Susan