Monday, May 12, 2008

Day 233 - Poll Results & New Poll

Lisa and I had a pooping problem. Not us personally -- we have wonderfully, clean poops every day. But Emma and Andrew were pooping way too many times in one day. There were days when they would each do(o) six or seven anal pudding pops. Granted some of them were the exact size of my front tooth (don't ask how I know), but that's still some major excrement action.

So last week I asked whether or not we should be concerned about this situation. The poll results are in and the answer is...A TIE! Half of you think it's not a big deal at all and the other half of you think we should give the poops to Grandma Ichikawa. To break the tie, I tossed a two-headed coin and guess what? Grandma Ichikawa is going to get a special present tomorrow morning.

For this week's poll, this question came up to me as I was preparing the second bedroom for the kids (yes...we've STILL haven't moved them into the other bedroom yet...leave me alone.). Lisa painted these block letters that spell out Andrew's and Emma's name. We're going to hang them on the wall over the cribs. But then I didn't know whether or not to put Andrew's name first on the wall or Emma. And that got me to thinking if there should be a certain order to their names when we introduce them. If we go by who's older, it would be Emma and Andrew. If we go by alphabetical order, it would be Andrew and Emma. If we went by heaviest to lightest, it would be Emma, then an elephant, a donkey, a large dog, a fruit cake, and then Andrew. How do you think we should introduce the kids?


As a side note, for those of you who have been watching Dancing With the Stars, my mom is absolutely convinced the judges are unfairly judging Kristi "She's Japanese!" Yamaguchi. Tonight after a routine that was by far the most technically challenging one out of all the competitors -- I've heard -- two judges gave her a 9. I knew this would upset my mom so I called her. The conversation went a little like this:

Scott: Hey, so the judges didn't give her a perfect 10.

Mom: I KNOOOOOW! I am SO mad. What wrong with dem! I'm going to KILL dem!

Scott: Whoa...that's pretty harsh.

Mom: Why give one-armed man better score dan Kristi. Oooooo. SO mad. I'm going to hang up and throw phone. Good BYE!

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