Thursday, May 15, 2008

Day 236 - Balls of Fun

We're not too sure when it happened, but the kids seem to be interacting a little more with each other. Before they could care less what the other one was doing. Andrew could've been toppling over his crib to the floor, and Emma wouldn't even have cared. But maybe within the past week or two, they're becoming a little bit more alert and aware. So if Andrew fell over the crib now, Emma would've been like Intensive Pediatric Care Nurse Auntie Susan and nag poor Daddy to death to lower that damn crib.

The interactivity is kept to a minimum though. They don't make each other laugh or smile. But they do notice each other and are sometimes interested in what the other one is doing. Just last night, Andrew was on the computer researching crib safety and Emma was very curious.

I posted a series of pictures below showing the kids kind of playing with each other. Just look at the pictures in sequential order and you can see them fighting over this toy ball.

Sadly the memory card filled up so I can only describe to you the last picture. Basically, Emma's anger took over and she took her right hand and went for Andrew's testicles. As she squeezed them, Andrew screamed and let go of the ball. Emma immediately took the toy ball back, and Andrew learned a valuable lesson: His balls do not play music and are not meant to be played with.


Also don't forget about Tuesday's Q & A entry. Keep on sending your questions! And...well...I don't mind if they VARY a little...grumble...

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