Sunday, May 18, 2008

Day 239 - Stupid Idea

I've mentioned before that Andrew is a very active baby. He loves to look at things, grab things, bite things. He just likes things in general. For the most part you can just watch him and it's an entertaining way to spend a good five to ten minutes. But after ten minutes it gets very boring so you just toss him into a playpen, stick a pacifier in his mouth, and leave the condo for an hour or two to get your mind active again.

What is particularly difficult is getting Andrew dressed after his bath. Once washed up, we put him on our bed in his baby towel. And when the towel opens up, it becomes a free for all. He twists and contorts his little baby body into ways that would get most Asian people a three-year contract with Cirque du Soleil.

Obviously, dressing the infantile contortionist is quite the chore. As soon as you get one foot through his pajama, Andrew will twist around and make it impossible for you to grab his other foot. It soon becomes a tedious game of flopping Andrew on his back over and over again.

Being an occasional impatient parent, I had enough of this sizzling bacon routine with Andrew. I decided that I would figure out a way to get him dressed faster. So one night as I was trying to get Andrew's pajamas on, I decided to sit on him. Obviously, I didn't put all of my weight on him but I still got my legs around his lower body so he couldn't move around as much. And guess what? It was MUCH easier to get him dressed. I was quite proud of myself and this simple solution to this ongoing nuisance. Andrew wasn't very happy I was on top of him, but it would be just for a short amount of time. Actually, a much shorter amount of time because...

...he kicked me in the balls.


As I straddled my little boy, he used his little baby legs to make the church bells chime in my pants. Andrew made his point and Daddy learned his lesson: Daddy will never, ever, ever bathe Andrew again.

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