Saturday, December 29, 2007

Day 99 - Grandma Be Illin'

The main reason why my mom did not want us to travel with the kids is because she did not want them to get sick. So it is of no surprise that ever since we've arrived in Sacramento the kids have been on Grandma house arrest. Andrew & Emma tried making a break for it, but since they don't know how to crawl they just fell out of the bed and cried for an hour.

I've tried to explain to my mom that being cold isn't going to make you sick, but she refuses to believe it. Then again she also believes Dancing With the Stars is an actual sport and betamax will make a comeback.

So how ironic that the other day my mom came down with a cold. And although she forbids our kids to go anywhere outside of the house it's perfectly fine to be home with the sick and invalid. And to top it all off, she still wants to hold the kids! At least, she washes her hands thoroughly and wears a surgical mask when she's near them. Hopefully the kids won't show any signs of a cold in the next few days. So far so good!

More importantly, I hope the kids don't associate Grandma with another person whose photo I have pasted down below.


Not Grandma.

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