Sunday, December 23, 2007

Day 94 - We Made It

Very quickly, we are in a Peet's Coffee having a lot of coffee because...well...we drove to Santa Clara yesterday. To the right is a picture of the kids in Peet's. The person holding Emma is actually a homeless woman who was trying to steal Emma, but gave up after her upper body strength gave out and then left Emma on the floor.

A trip to Santa Clara usually takes us around five hours, but yesterday it took us seven and a half hours.

Quick highlights:

-Thinking we were prepared beyond belief by packing up as much of the car the night before, we woke up 8am, but still didn't leave the house until 11am.

-After driving 15 miles, I realized we forgot a couple of things at home so had to drive back to Los Angeles.

-Our lunch stop which was planned for under an hour, but took us one and a half hours due to our disastrous attempt at bottle feeding. Hint: Bottled water in a car gets very cold and babies will not want to drink it.

-Moving car equals quiet babies. Car stuck in traffic equals crying babies. Car stuck in traffic for twenty minutes equals crying babies and crying parents.

So we made it one piece and will probably post some pictures and a new update on Christmas Day!

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