Monday, December 17, 2007

Day 88 - Holiday Apologies!

Sorry! Been busy with a bunch of last minute holiday stuff this weekend, so kinda left the blog dormant. And I was on such a roll!

My friend, Jennifer, emailed me last week and said:

So is your show done with production? I've noticed that you've been posting on your blog a lot more frequently, so I figured you may be having a little more time on your hands than usual.

Ah yes, young padawan. Due to the wonderful disagreements between the AMPTP and the WGA, the show I am working on -- much like every scripted show -- is shutting down. Merry Christmas to us! So yes, I do find myself with a little more free time to spend a few minutes here and there to post little stories in between diaper changes and feedings.

I have a few stories and photos to share with you from the past days, but in the meantime here are some photos for now! More to follow...

"You've got spunk...I hate spunk."

"Holy Indiana Jones flashback," yells Andrew. "A gigantic boulder is rolling towards my head!"

Here you see the heads emerging from the cocoons as the Japanese caterpillar
completes its

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