Friday, December 21, 2007

Day 92 - Three Months Old

Three months old. That's how old my gray hairs are. It is also how old Emma and Andrew are today!

Lisa and I can't believe the kids are already three months old. So many things have changed since then. When they were first born they couldn't change their diapers, couldn't eat by themselves, had erratic sleeping schedules. And now? Now we don't change their diapers, we don't feed them, and we could care less about their sleeping. See how things have changed?

Tomorrow we will attempt to do our first road trip with the kids up to Santa Clara. We packed up the car already except for a few bags. We even put the kids in the backseat to make sure we don't forget them...unless we take the other car.

Anyway, here are a few pictures from the past week and even one from three months ago to compare their growth. Probably will see fewer entries the next few days, but I will update when we have some time. Happy holidays and wish us luck on the drive!!!

"The bear is giving me a wedgie!"

"What you think? Is this my good side?"

Like apes in the wild, twins also pick insects out of each other's hair.

Here are Andrew and Emma when they were one month old; the bears are sixteen years old.

Emma salutes you to have a happy holiday.

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