Thursday, December 13, 2007

Day 84 - Food Swings

Although we try to keep the kids on similar schedules, they're not robots (I wish they were robots at times cause robots don't poop out of their diapers...although that HAL did try to kill Dave. Hmm...). The amount of alertness and activity varies during the day. Emma might be up crying while Andrew is asleep. Or Andrew might be up amusing himself on the playmat while Emma is, well, crying.

We are getting close to the point where the kids are going to be aware of our presence, but in a simplistic way. If Emma falls asleep in our arms and we put her in the crib, she might wake up and be confused why we aren't there anymore. To her, we disappeared. She doesn't understand we're just in the other room packing our suitcases getting ready to disappear.

One thing we have noticed is that the kids are most happy in the morning and after they have been fed. As for the feedings, Lisa breast feeds both kids for about 15 minutes. And then we wait for a little bit to see if they are still hungry. If they are, we give them a small bottle of formula to calm them down. Sometimes they want the bottle, and sometimes they don't. But what a difference when they do take the bottle. Lisa took the following pictures after feeding the kids earlier this week:

Emma after breast feeding and having a bottle.

Andrew after just breast feeding.

Andrew after breast feeding and a bottle.

Emma after just breast feeding.

I also had a picture of myself after breast feeding, but Lisa forbade me to post that picture.


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