Monday, November 30, 2009

Day 789 - Poll Results & New Poll

Last week, I asked what the kids should be thankful for. Seventy-two percent thought the kids should be thankful for their family -- something I hope Emma and Andrew will remember when they go through their unruly teenage years. Eighteen percent thought the kids should be thankful for this blog, and a surprising nine percent thought the kids should be thankful for me. So to the one person who voted for me, I tell you this: you must have a serious drinking problem and I beg you to seek help.


With Thanksgiving behind us (Literally! Look at my fat butt!), we only have one more stressful holiday to close out the year. Lisa and I are almost halfway through our holiday shopping, but still have a lot more to do. In terms of the number of family members we need to get gifts for, Lisa's side of the family is much larger than mine. And as for the number of friends, once again Lisa's list outnumbers mine. But then again, it's not too difficult to outnumber zero.

Lisa and I haven't decided what to buy Emma and Andrew for Christmas. Throughout the year, we end up buying them little toys here and there so they are never in need of something new. Also, our family and friends are very generous so the kids will be getting more than enough toys, books, clothes, and fruitcake to last them for months.

So I started to think whether or not we need to shower Emma and Andrew with holiday gifts. We will of course give them presents to open, but maybe there's not an immediate need to stress over their gifts right now. We could wait to see what they don't get and then buy those toys after Christmas. What do you think?

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