Sunday, November 22, 2009

Day 781 - Return of the Maven

Auntie Anne (pretzel maven) has made her way back to Los Angeles to spend a few weeks with the family. It is always nice to have her around because when she hangs out with us it's like taking care of another baby. It's like free birth control!

Since Auntie Anne (pretzel maven) is playful (i.e. mentally slow), the kids really enjoy hanging out with her. Emma can actually say, "Auntie Annnnne." And Andrew is pretty close too. He can almost say, "Beeeetch."

Last night, Crazy, Lazy, and Pretzel Maven were at our place watching The Amazing Race. During a commercial break, we told the kids it was time to go to sleep. I asked Emma to give everyone a hug and kiss. Emma went around to everyone like a good girl and proceeded to walk into the bedroom. As for Andrew, he laid on the sofa watching television ignoring my request.

So, I told Auntie Anne to turn off the television. Once again, I asked Andrew to give everyone a hug and kiss. Andrew got off the sofa and started to run towards Auntie Anne. But instead of giving her a hug, he ran around her and turned the television back on. I told Auntie Anne to turn off the television again.

This time, Andrew pointed at Auntie Anne and said, "NO!" He walked back to the television and turned it back on. Finally, I turned off the television as I dragged Andrew into the bedroom against his will.

I think with Auntie Anne (pretzel maven) back in town, I won't have a problem figuring out what to write on the blog for the next few weeks.

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