Thursday, November 19, 2009

Day 778 - Something to Think About...

As I sit here at work and the kids are asleep at home, I began to wonder whether or not I would want them to work in the entertainment industry. Although I have always found it an exciting thing to do, I would definitely hope they would choose a job that is a little more stable and not as stressful like an air traffic controller or street mime.

I went through a few of my old resumes and was shocked to see how many shows I've worked on. I once heard a story from someone who told me he knew someone who only worked on three television shows his entire life: Taxi, Cheers, and Frasier. That's twenty-seven years of solid, continuous work!

As for myself, I have been working in television for about fourteen years, and according to my count I have worked on at least thirty-five productions -- a mixture of presentations, pilots, and shows. For the curious, here's the current list: Hangin With Mr. Cooper, Crimes of the Century, Chicago Sons, Rewind, Nick Freno: Licensed Teacher, Maggie Winters, Citation of Merit, Martin & Claudia, Movie Stars, Hype, The Norm Show, Bliss, Fastlane, Operation Junkyard, Primetime Glick, Imposter, Face Off, The I Do Diaries, Wife Swap, Junkyard Wars, Renovate My Family, The Hollow Men, The Wife & Times of Teddy Berman, Wanda at Large, Joint Custory, Aisha Tyler Pilot, Washington Street, Hot Properties, Community Service, The War at Home, Notes From the Underbelly, Valerie Bertinelli Pilot, Californication, The End of Steve, and The C Word.

And if you knew more than five of those shows, you really watch way too much television. Go outside for a walk, you freak.

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