Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Day 777 - Good Night Chat

Due to long work hours, I have resorted to video chatting with the kids before they go to bed. Lisa will set up the laptop at home and all of us will have a little internet family bonding.

There was one time when all of my co-workers were in my office watching Emma and Andrew saying good night to me. I thought I would have the kids do some of their tricks to show what vastly superior babies they are. After the kids recited the periodic table and rattled off a few simple algebra formulas, I thought it would be cute for the kids to hug and tickle each other.

I told Andrew to hug and tickle Emma. And he did. My office went "Awwwww."

Then I told Emma to hug and tickle Andrew. And she did. Except when she tried to tickle him, she pushed him over and his head hit his crib. The next thing you know, Andrew popped up in front of the webcam holding his head and screaming for revenge. Lisa abruptly ended the vidchat.

The next thing you know my entire office was criticizing me for causing Andrew to hit his head. So I had to resort to using my authority at work by saying, "If I hear one more criticism coming out from anyone's mouth, I will use my middle management powers to talk to upper management to have them possibly talk to the boss who may or may not make an official report to human resources in which this report would be officially filed and tucked away in a banker box and taken to a warehouse in Sun Valley. Don't MAKE me do that!"

It's great to wield such mediocre power.

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Shannon said...

I love that kind of power!