Saturday, November 28, 2009

Day 787 - The Crazy Grandma Dance

Something that has been a revelation to me about the kids is that they are at a point -- for better or worse -- where they will copy almost anything you ask them to do. If you ask them to say a word, they'll try to say it. If you ask them to tickle someone, they'll tickle them. If you ask them to hunt down a bully from 3rd grade that has been on your mind for the past 25 years, they'll hunt that bastard down.

Recently, I've been teaching the kids to do silly dances. I have taught them to do the "Mommy Dance." Since Lisa trips over things easily, the "Mommy Dance" is basically walking and then falling to the ground. The "Grandpa Dance" is pretending to use the remote control and then falling asleep. But the highlight is definitely the "Crazy Grandma Dance."

Crazy Grandma is known for nagging and grunting in frustration. So the "Crazy Grandma Dance" is saying "Blahblahblah" followed by grunting. Here are Emma and Andrew performing the "Crazy Grandma Dance":

The dance was such a hit that this inspired Auntie Anne (pretzel maven) to compose a little dance mix of the "Crazy Grandma Dance." Please note that the voice sampling is done by the actual Crazy Grandma nagging and grunting.

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Anonymous said...

Go for it Scott! Get rid of that nastiness!