Sunday, November 29, 2009

Day 788 - Eat, Shoots, Leaves & Bad Captions

I think it is evident from my blog that my mind is often warped and quite peculiar. I see the world differently from others mostly because I tend to see the bizarreness in people and situations...and I also have a bad astigmatism. But even I have my limits...

Case in point: the picture to your right. Or if you're reading this in a mirror: the picture to your left. This is a photo from last week's Picture Friday. The caption I posted was: Andrew recreates how a pantless Daddy snuck up behind Mommy and forced her on a first date.

My intention with the caption was that the only way a pathetic person like myself would be able to get anyone to go on a date with me was to grab them and force them on a date. Even to this day, I still have a problem getting Lisa to go out on a date. I have even tried the pantless approach and still nada.

As I was checking my email today, I received some upset comments about the picture caption:

I know you joke a lot and have a twisted sense of humor, but I found the caption on picture #2 very disturbing and NOT funny at all. -- Anonymous I agree. You finally went over the edge Mr Ichikawa. -- Anonymous Go for it Scott! Get rid of that nastiness! -- Anonymous

Me no rikey Crazy Grandma Dance! Blahblahblah! Grrgrr! -- Crazy Grandma

I was racking my brain trying to figure out what catalyzed this strong response to a picture caption. Since I've been so disgusting and inappropriate on many other occasions, I wasn't too sure why people were suddenly going Crazy Grandma on my ass. But then I realized...

...the combination of the word "force", the position Emma and Andrew were in, and the lecherous expression on Andrew's face made me realize that people were interpreting the picture to Even I find it too tasteless to mention. Let's just say that people thought Emma and Andrew were doing something that Lisa and I haven't done for the past seven months.

Needless to say that was not what I was implying. I guess I better be more careful with the way I phrase my captions the next time since it seems as if readers of this blog know me for what I am: a shameless huckster of bad jokes, innuendos, and cheap laughs. Luckily enough for me, all characteristics Lisa was looking for in a husband.

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