Sunday, November 15, 2009

Day 774 - Conversations with Emma

At the end of dinner, the kids receive a treat. We grab a box of toddler cookies, and we give each of the kids one banana cookie and one alphabet cookie. The cookies are rather plain tasting, but it's exciting enough for the kids. I mean they get excited over eating newspaper, so what the hell do I know.

Emma can have a voracious appetite, but she is also a picky eater. So if her dinner plate doesn't interest her, she will start to ask for her cookies. The other night I had this conversation with her.

EMMA: 'Nana coookie!

SCOTT: Emma, you have to eat more of your dinner. Look at this lovely burnt toast and over-cooked chicken that Mommy made for you.

EMMA: 'Nana coookie!

SCOTT: You need to eat something on your plate before you get your cookie.

EMMA: 'Nana cookie, pleeeze!"

SCOTT: Okay. If you eat this broccoli, then you can get your banana cookie.

Scott hands the broccoli to Emma. Emma takes the broccoli and stares at it.

SCOTT: Emma. You have to eat it.

EMMA: 'Nana cookie?

SCOTT: Eat the broccoli first.

Emma brings the broccoli to her mouth. She begins to open her mouth to take a bite. But then she suddenly closes her mouth and rubs the broccoli crown all over her lips as if it was a tube of chapstick. Little bits of broccoli stick to her face making it look like she just made out with Oscar the Grouch.

EMMA: Dere! All done! 'Nana cookie! Now!


Anonymous said...

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maureen said...

So... did Emma get the cookie??