Thursday, July 30, 2009

Day 668 - On A Scale From 1 to 10

Every ethnicity has certain stereotypes associated to them; the Japanese are no exception. I suppose common stereotypes for the Japanese would be: we know karate, we eat nothing but rice and fish, male Japanese have gigantic penises (really, we do!), and math is second nature to us.

Although math was always a struggle for me, it wasn't the most difficult subject for me; the most difficult subject was self-defense from bullies who mocked my daily lunch of rice and fish. But maybe Emma won't have this trouble with math (and bullies) because she is now able to recite the numbers one through ten!

I'm not too sure when she memorized these numbers because for the longest time the only number she would say was the number two. I would have fun with this and ask her random questions. "How many legs do you have?" "Two." "How many hands do you have?" "Two." "How many testicles does Daddy have?" "Two." "How many testicles does Mommy have?" "Two."

Here is a video of Emma reciting her numbers!

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Star said...

Race is not the term you want to use. Ethnicity is the correct term. Race is a non-scientific term used to divide people. Ethnicity celebrates what each culture can give to others.

And stereotypes really put unreal expectations on everyone even if they are "positive" like good at math.