Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Day 666 - Toddler Tussle

Andrew is used to taking things away from Emma because she does not fight back. This all started because Andrew learned to crawl before Emma. As a baby, Andrew would crawl to Emma and take away whatever she had, be it a doll, a book, or a cigarette. But Emma could not do anything because she did not know how to crawl. The best she could do is make a reach for it and then fall flat on her face; this explains her flat nose.

As they both learned to walk, Andrew continued this behavior, but Emma did not seem to care. She could be playing with some blocks, a ball, or a butterfly knife, and if Andrew took it away she would just grab another toy to play with -- which Andrew would also eventually take away.

But times are a changing: Emma is fighting back. No longer can Andrew just grab from Emma a toy car, a crayon, or adult erotica. If Andrew takes something away now, Emma will scream and run after him. It's rather amusing seeing the chase take place because toddlers run in a way that makes you laugh at their awkwardness. Visualize a marathon run by drunken munchkins and then you'll get the idea.

I wish we had some video, but here are a series of pictures that shows the intensity that happens when the kids fight over an object. In this case, the object is a pumpkin head doll (...please...don't ask...).

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