Monday, July 20, 2009

Day 658 - Poll Results & New Poll

Last week, I wondered what we should do about the kids being afraid of things on television. Forty-five percent of you thought we should just fast-forward or turn off the television when something comes on that may scar the kids for life. Right behind, twenty-seven percent thought we should just leave the television off and read the kids a book. I would totally agree with that except the kids did not seem any less scared after I read Maus and Watchmen to them.

Although the kids still watch some television shows off of our Tivo, we have also decided to play DVDs that we know will not scare either of the kids. We have a few Elmo and Blue's Clues DVDs, and Lisa also has this really great DVD collection of animated Scholastic books like Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, Curious George, and Harold and the Purple Crayon . Although I must admit her Scholastic DVDs got mixed up with my DVD porn collection so the kids ended up watching Chicka Chicka Boob Boob, Bi-curious George, and Harold and the Purple Penis.


As I mentioned a few days ago, we are trying to potty train the kids. Twice a day, Lisa puts the kids on the potty chair: after breakfast and right before bath time. So far the potty chairs have stayed as clean as the day we took them out of the box...unless you count the time we invited a family of midgets over for dinner and there was a sphincter evacuation after a bad batch of alfredo sauce.

Although both Emma and Andrew have shown interest in the potty chairs, Emma seems to be more ready for it than Andrew. Not only does she enjoy sitting on the chair, but Emma has communicated to us that she does not like it when she has a soiled diaper. On the other hand, Andrew could care less if he had a turd the size of a pineapple in his pants, and the potty chair is just another bucket for his toy cars.

Since we are beginning to potty train Emma because she is ready, do you think we should continue to try to potty train Andrew too? Or should we just concentrate on Emma now, and potty train Andrew when he seems ready? Personally, I say we just forget the potty training because in eighty years they will just be in diapers again.

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