Thursday, July 23, 2009

Day 661 - TheyTube

There are several things that are an immediate remedy to fussy kids. First of all, a sack of sugar will stop them fussing. The after effects aren't that pleasant, but it will stop the whining. Secondly, Jon and Kate news on gossip shows. For some reason, Emma and Andrew stop their fussing when they see Jon and Kate segments on the television. I think it makes them feel lucky that their parents aren't total douche bags. And lastly, YouTube.

The great thing about YouTube is that there is an insane amount of short video clips that are appropriate for Emma and Andrew. One thing that I do when the kids are unusually grumpy is that I sit them on my lap and play a couple of songs from the Sesame Street channel on YouTube. And if they're really grumpy, I make them watch news reports on child labor in China to make them appreciate their life and their ten fingers.

One song that I play for the kids is called "One Fine Face." I know, I automatically thought it was a song about my face, but you are wrong. It's a song that helps you learn all of the parts of your face. I've played the video so many times that the kids know the song by heart. Now that I know the kids are able to copy things, I think I'm going to show them YouTube clips on running cables and using power tools (I've been thinking about mounting my flat screen on the wall.).

Here's a clip of the kids watching the video:

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Esme A.L. said...

OK, that's unreasonably adorable.