Thursday, July 2, 2009

Day 640 - It All Started With A Pod...

There are several things I have been putting off for years: cutting my toenails, mailing my 2003 income taxes, and completing my spec script based on the Lord of the Rings books. One thing I finally came around to doing is transferring all of my old miniDV tapes to my computer.

I was cleaning up my closet and came upon a box full of miniDV tapes tucked between my Colecovision and erotic paintings from Romania. I probably have a total of thirty tapes, but the ones I decided to transfer immediately were the ones from the past few years. Specifically the birth of the kids.

That's right. On top of the thousands of photos we have accumulated over the past few years, I also have hours of video of the kids. What do you expect? When you're Japanese and you have no less than four cameras and three camcorders, it is inevitable you'll have a backlog of photos and videos...not to mention a pantry full of broken rice cookers.

The one video clip I wanted to post is the one thing that you encounter every time you visit this blog. No, I'm not talking about the bad jokes, racial stereotypes, or the word "dumbass" or "whore." The constant I'm talking about is the picture of the kids in their edamame costume! I actually have video footage of the kids being dressed in their bean outfit. Or shall I say...L.L. Bean outfit? Giggle chortle snort!

So here's a short clip of the kids. I can't believe 21 months ago they were so small and...umm...interesting looking. Enjoy!

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