Monday, July 6, 2009

Day 644 - Poll Results & New Poll

Last week, I asked whether or not I should watch my language on this blog. Well call me a One-Eyed Penis Eating Vagina Monster because fifty percent of you said that my way with the English language is a reason why you find this blog as delightful as a beautiful whore on a two-for-one bargain day. Furthermore, thirty-three percent of you wanted me to be even crazier! I'm not too sure how I'll be able to do that, but I'll think it over during my nightly orgy with barnyard animals and Mikata power tools.

Obviously, I don't mean to turn people off with this blog, but this is a place for me to voice my opinion about what it is like to be a father of twins. Fortunately or not, the voice is one of a particular sense of humor. I always believed that it's a lot easier to be dramatic than funny. Most people will agree that the passing of a parent is sad, but not everyone will agree that the passing of gas by a parent is funny. So I will continue to write about the things that interest me in a way that I find interesting. And to those who do not like that, please click here: LINK.


It's hard to believe, but in a few months the kids are going to turn two years old. Although this should be a time to celebrate, I fear and cringe at the thought of this because of two words: birthday party. I recall looking at pictures of my birthdays when I was just a toddler, and it was very small with very few friends and very little fuss. I thank my parents for that because as an adult it helped me deal with my later birthdays because I had even fewer friends and even less fuss.

But there's this little problem around the house that I call "Lisa." Lisa is very big on birthday parties. Whereas I would prefer nobody to know my birthday, Lisa will announce to her friends and students the day of her birthday and what presents she wants. You can surmise that Lisa is thinking bigger than I am for Emma's and Andrew's second birthday party. Lisa wants a themed birthday party for many friends and family; I just want a Sara Lee pound cake with Cool Whip. So what do you think? Do you think we should go all out with another themed birthday party or keep it simple with frozen cake and no friends?

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