Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Day 652 - Television Scare

In regards to yesterday's poll entry, something interesting happened tonight. I very rarely watch television when the kids are up, but tonight I decided to watch a little something. So after the kids drank their milk, I sat down on the sofa and grabbed the remote control. As soon as the television turned on, the kids ran to me and joined me on the sofa.

Unfortunately, the first thing that was on the television was the movie "Shrek." There was a scene where the dragon was chasing Shrek and Donkey, and it got Emma scared. So I immediately changed the channel and the movie "Pirate of the Carribean" appeared. Once again, it was a scene from the second movie where all of those half human/sea creature people were fighting. Emma must've been hating me because she just looked at me and crinkled her forehead as if she was saying, "What are you doing to me?"

I gave up and just changed the channel to NBC. One of those entertainment news shows was on and they were talking about Michael Jackson. I figured this would be a safe enough program to leave on because they were just talking about his legacy. As we were watching the news report, they began to show Michael Jackson through the years. They started off with him in the late 60s as a young boy in the Jackson 5. It was cute because the kids were moving their legs to the music.

But the whole night fell apart because when the pictures came on the screen of Michael Jackson from the 1990s with his nose disintegrating, Emma kinda lost it. Her jolly kicking legs became stiff with fear. She started pointing at the screen and whining a very unsettling, "eeeehhh eeeeeeehhhh!" It got bad enough where I just ended up turning off the television.

I found it very interesting that Emma had this response to Michael Jackson's face over the years. Even a small child of 22 months has enough common sense to know that something very peculiar was going on with this man's face. All I know is that I better make sure I never turn on the television set when Joan Rivers is on the air.

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