Sunday, July 26, 2009

Day 664 - Share & Share Not Alike

Sometimes behavior that the kids exhibit may not make sense at first, but there's always a certain amount of logic to it. It may take a few moments to figure it out, but it's always there. I tend to take a little longer to figure out weird, immature, and ridiculous behavior, but it's second nature to Lisa. I wonder why...

Emma and Andrew are beginning to become a little more possessive of certain toys and are resistant to share them. Andrew is especially a problem because he is much more apt to take things than Emma. Over the past few months, Emma has changed from a passive victim to a I'm-going-to-kick-you-in-the-balls fighter.

Just recently, Emma's behavior has once again changed when Andrew takes a toy away from her. After the initial struggle, Emma uses her bulk weight and massive biceps to get the toy back from Andrew. This causes Andrew to whine much like the way I whine when Lisa takes away my video game privileges. You'd think the struggle would end here, but this is where you would be wrong. Emma takes an extra step and throws the toy in an unreachable place (i.e. over a safety gate, a pack-n-play, a mine field) so nobody can play with it.

I thought this was a rather illogical conclusion to a fight over a toy; after a struggle, why throw away the prize? It's just like when Lisa and I have arm wrestling contests. It would make no sense to me why Lisa would give up the trophy after repeatedly beating me two hundred fifty seven times. But then I realized Emma just does not find it worth her time to deal with Andrew's annoying curiosity so it is just easier for her not to deal with the toy at all.

It is a curious decision to me, but just like many things at this age it is just a phase. We try to encourage the kids to share things, but at the same time also respect each others belongings. As with most things, Lisa and I are trying to teach through example. I don't think the kids understand the word "prenup" yet, but once they do, their comprehension of division of property will soar.

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