Saturday, July 18, 2009

Day 656 - Welcome Alex!

Today, our friends, Bernard and Joyce, had their second child, Alex. Alex will be a part of the Lee family and will join his older sister, Abby. Congratulations to all!

Although I must say it is quite ordinary and amateurish to give birth to two babies at two separate times, as an experienced father of twins I would like to give some advice to our dear friends about raising two kids:

-Although most kids know fire is dangerous and hot, you can not rely on them to douse out the other child if he/she is on fire. You'd really think it would be common sense to grab a fire extinguisher or a box of baking powder, but I guess it's not for babies.

-Sharing diapers is a bad idea. With the current economic downturn, I thought it would be wise to share diapers. I bought a box of extra large diapers (i.e. Depends) and put both Emma and Andrew into them. You'd think if they were stuck in Lisa's gut for thirty-six weeks, they'd be able to stand a night together in one diaper.

-They are bad theft deterrents. I figured if one dog can protect your property, two babies would do an even better job. On a similar note, it is illegal to leave your children inside an unattended vehicle even if it is to make sure your convertible isn't going to be stolen.

-Two kids do not equal double the sugar and spice and everything nice. All it equals is double the poop and pee and everything stinky.

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