Saturday, February 14, 2009

Day 506 - Happy Valentine's Day

To all newlyweds, couples, and married people without kids, I want to say, "Happy Valentine's Day." And to all of you people with babies and infants, I want to say, "It's Saturday."

Celebrating special days like Valentine's Day, wedding anniversaries, and Lisa's bi-monthly showers don't necessarily disappear, but they certainly change when you have kids. Having to entertain twins when they don't entertain each other exhausts us. By the end of the day, Lisa and I are strewn silently on the sofa comforted by the gentle beeps and boops of our Tivo.

For this Valentine's Day, I didn't have a chance to go shopping so I combined Lisa's gift shopping with our weekend errands; I bought her gift at Target. In past years, I probably would've gone shopping at Century City or mugged a rich, elderly, wheelchair-bound woman (Last year, I got Lisa this great brooch from this purple haired lady.) But Target actually has a wide selection of romantic gifts. You could buy something fragrant like Bounce, something shiny like aluminum foil, or something sexy like exercise bras.

I had to pick something quickly because Andrew was having a meltdown in the stroller. He ran out of Cheerios and there's no way Emma was going to give up any of hers. I noticed in the corner of my eye that there was a new dvd box set of that damn Jon & Kate Plus 8 show. Against my better judgment I grabbed that as well as this book they wrote about raising their kids. Here's a picture of Lisa with her gifts:

As for myself, Lisa went to Best Buy earlier in the week to get my gift. What could it be? A new television set? A HD Tivo? My very own Geek Squad? Nope! Look what I got:

It's a can opener. Next door to Best Buy is a grocery store, and Lisa bought me a can opener there. Gee, thanks Lisa. At least I can use it to open a can of whoop ass. Actually, Lisa also got me a blu-ray movie at Best Buy -- Steel Magnolias. There's nothing more sexy than Olympia Dukakis and watching someone's daughter die of a diabetic seizure. Happy Valentine's to me!

As for the kids, they celebrated today by opening some gifts. Crazy Grandma and Lazy Grandpa Ichikawa got Emma and Andrew a new outfit and books. And we just got the kids some clothes. Here are a few pictures of the kids:

And to top off the day, we demonstrated to Emma and Andrew how they were conceived -- I invited Lisa's co-worker over, they got drunk, and had sex. Happy Valentine's Day! I'm going to go open up a can of tuna now...

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