Monday, February 9, 2009

Day 501 - Poll Results & New Poll

Last week I asked what I should do about Emma and Andrew wanting to take naps at different times. Half of you think the kids should give up the second nap (I hate you all.). Thirty-seven percent of you think the kids should stay on a similar nap schedule, but to put them down when they're both sleepy (I like you guys more!).

Over the past few days, we've been able to put the kids back on a two-nap schedule. The kids always take their first nap around 10-10:30am, but we decided to push their second nap later in the day. We just make sure they have a little snack before the second nap, and they're good to go for about an hour. Sometimes we don't even have to get them out of the bedroom for two hours. Not that they're asleep. They're not. It's just that sometimes I jack up the volume on the entertainment system when playing Guitar Hero and I can't hear the kids scream. Boy, where does the time fly when you're having fun?


Around the house, we don't play favorites with Emma and Andrew. The reason for this is because everyone in the house knows that I am the favorite so why set up the kids for disappointment. But there seems to be times when the kids are jealous of the attention they are receiving from Lisa and me.

This has been especially true because Emma has been sick. Emma becomes very clingy and whiny (not to mention snotty and smelly) when she gets ill. This does not sit well with Andrew. If I am carrying Emma, Andrew will come up to me and try to push Emma out of the way so he can sit on my lap. I try to explain to him that Emma doesn't feel well and if he had a more serious disease than Emma like diabetes or syphilis I would hold him.

So what do you do if your kid gets jealous? Since we have 16 month old twins, we can't use the reasoning that the older child should understand more. Do you immediately take turns holding your kids? Do you let the jealous one cry until it's his/her turn? Or do you drop the kid you're holding, blame the other child for screwing things up, and dig through the liquor cabinet for a bottle of whiskey and get wasted?

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