Monday, February 2, 2009

Day 494 - Poll Results & New Poll

Last week I asked whether or not the kids were old enough to enjoy a little outing. Fifty-two percent of you thought a zoo would be the perfect place to show the kids how enjoyable living in a confined space against your will can be. Close behind with forty-two percent of the votes was the park. A park would be another great place to take Emma and Andrew so they can learn the difference between dog droppings and homeless people droppings. Sadly for me, only one person thought a strip club would be a nice weekend outing. I really didn't think that option would've received any votes, but thanks Dad for trying.


My mom tells us that we are lucky that our kids sleep pretty well. When my mom was raising me, I did not sleep well at all. During my first year of life, my mom was so exhausted she told my dad that she wished she could die for one day so she could rest. My dad gave her a gun with two bullets and told her to try for two days.

Once Emma and Andrew started to sleep through the night, they would take two naps during the day: one around 10am and one around 3pm. But over the past few weeks, the naps have become more unpredictable. Maybe they might take two 2 hour naps or one 2 hour nap and no second nap or two 1 hour naps or one 45 minute nap and one 90 minute nap get the idea. And if you still don't get the idea, please read my new book "Scott Rambles On." It's volume 1 of 275.

The main problem we are having is that Emma usually does not want to nap, but Andrew does. What ends up happening is that Emma will bawl her head off because she wants out of the crib; this keeps Andrew up. If we take Emma out of the bedroom so Andrew can sleep, Andrew will start to cry because he doesn't want to be in the bedroom by himself. And then at the end of the day we have two very grumpy toddlers and two very tired parents.

So what do we do? Do we give up the second nap? Do we let Emma cry it out? Do we make Andrew take his second nap? Or do we invest in a nice pair of Bose noise-cancellation headphones?

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kevin said...

If you got two pairs of Bose for Pizza and yourself ... Problem solved!