Sunday, October 26, 2008

Day 399 - Puzzle Problem Part 2

As mentioned on Day 394, we bought the kids a wood puzzle with a rather peculiar farmer. The interesting thing about this happy farmer is that he's rather...umm...happy in the pants. I guess when they made this puzzle out of wood, they weren't kidding.

The kids enjoy playing with the puzzle although they're not that great at putting the pieces into the correct space. When they try to put the chicken piece into the horse space, I try to be a good teacher by saying, "No no no. You put the chicken piece into the chicken space, you friggin' idiot." They still don't get it...dummies.

Another thing the kids enjoy doing with the puzzle is putting the pieces into their mouths. We try to teach them not to put things into their mouths, but they're teething and we don't want to overuse the phrase "friggin' idiot".

There's one particular piece that Andrew enjoys putting into his mouth: that perverted farmer. You just know from the farmer's creepy smile that he must be a sex offender. And ever since I wrote the entry about this farmer, I get a little creeped out every time Andrew puts the farmer's knob into his mouth. Perhaps the quick solution to this is to do a little Farmer John Wayne Bobbitt action?

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