Monday, October 6, 2008

Day 379 -Poll Results and New Poll

Last week I was wondering whether or not I should change the banner of this blog. Since the header is a year old, I thought I should update it with newer pictures. But 55% of you think I should keep it just the way it is, and 22% suggested I mix it up with the old and the new. What disappointed me the most is that only 2% (yes only 2%) of you think I should rename the blog to "Jessica Alba & Megan Fox in a Pod." I was SO upset with this small percentage of votes that I just had to do something about it. As you can see, I fiddled around with Photoshop and came up with this brand-new banner. What do you think?

I'll probably keep the original "Edamames in a Pod" up for a while longer, but I really do think I will need to redo it one day. In the meantime, I think I'll leave my temporary banner up for a few days. Or at the very least as long until Lisa finds out. Shhhh.


One night, Lisa and I were nibbling at our dinner. Nothing very exciting. And as we were feeding Emma and Andrew their food, we came to a realization: their dinner was a lot more varied and exciting than ours. Here's what I mean:

Lisa & Scott's Dinner
Marinara sauce
Two bottles of vodka

Emma & Andrew's Dinner
Whole grain pasta
Sweet potatoes
Two small bottles of vodka

Quite a difference, right? Granted we're not giving them huge servings of each item, but we're probably giving them around 10 small pieces. This got me to thinking whether or not we're serving their meals correctly. Are we doing something wrong? Less variety, larger portions? More variety, smaller portions? More "BAM", less "bon appetite"?

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Not Bernard said...

Love the Jessica and Megan banner, I say heck with Lisa and put it up for at least a month.