Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Day 394 - Puzzle Problem

If you recall, Lisa and I went to Babies R Us this past weekend to purchase a wood puzzle for the kids. The puzzle has a bunch of cute farm animals and a friendly farmer. All innocent fun, right?


Here's a picture of the farmer:

Ain't that a friendly farmer? He's smiling away and ready to get to work with his bucket of feed. Now here's a picture of the farmer puzzle piece:

Wait a second. That wooden knob is in an awfully unusual place. Could it be...


That farmer is smiling because he has a bucket of porn and can't hide his excitement from the farm animals! Or maybe it's not a bucket of porn, but rather a bucket of contraceptives! Run barnyard animals! Run away! Save yourself! Better yet, run backwards! That way the farmer will have a harder time attacking you!

I'm obviously not offended by this puzzle, but I do find it funny that of all the places they could put the knob, they decided to put it over Farmer Dick's crotch. They could have put it on his chest or legs. But nope! Some genius at Puzzle Central said, "We're going to put this big, erect knob over the farmer's nether region." I'm sure the same genius decided to use rubber lips as a knob over the farmer's wife puzzle piece.

I should probably get my head out of the gutter and grow up. After all, I'm a father now and need to set a good example for the kids. OH SNAP! I got to wrap up now because Andrew is scratching his crotch and smelling his hands! This is hilarious! Where's the video camera?

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Kelly and Jason said...

Can you tell the world what show it is Scott? That way we loyal readers can watch it and keep you employed.