Saturday, October 25, 2008

Day 398 - Nosying Around

It was Lisa's birthday yesterday, and her classroom threw a party for her. Lisa brought home so much dessert home, we didn't know what to do with it. So we asked our friends Paul and Michelle if they would like some leftovers; they live a few miles away from us. Their house is probably a 15-20 minute walk from us, but since we live in Los Angeles it would be more accurate to say it's a 5 minute car ride.

When Paul came over the kids were in their pajamas ready for bed. Emma is usually the more friendly kid, but this time she was very whiny. I think she was cranky because of two things: 1) She was tired; 2) Paul was wearing no pants. But Andrew was in a good mood and took to playing with Paul right away.

And this was the beginning of the end...

Paul was lying down and Andrew was right next to him. Pretty soon Andrew started touching Paul's face. It was pretty funny, so I grabbed our camera and took pictures (Hey! I'm Japanese -- we have cameras every where in the house.). The touching soon turned into slapping Paul's nose.

Lisa and I were telling Andrew not to slap Paul's face between our laughter. Sometimes I wish I could conduct myself under the same social rules that babies live by. Imagine the fun! I could walk around in my underwear and people would think how adorable I looked. Or when eating bad food at a restaurant, I could make a funny face, spit out the food, and throw my plate on the floor. And if you're too lazy to find a toilet, just do the doo in your pants.  Man...being a baby rules.  

The interaction between Andrew and Paul continued and escalated from slapping to clawing. More specifically, clawing Paul's nostrils. I haven't seen a guy get beat up so bad since high school.  And let me tell you, the girl who beat me up in high school was on the wrestling team.  Paul let out a hysterical laugh and jumped to his feet as Andrew's baby fingers probed Paul's inner nasal cavity.  

Ouch!  I love picking my nose, but this is ridiculous.  Although I was just a few feet away from this disaster, Lisa saved the day and took Andrew away since I was too busy taking photos.  When Lisa looked at Paul, there was a feminine high-pitched shriek.  At first I thought it was Paul, but it was actually Lisa.  What was Lisa screaming at?  Look at this picture!

Andrew gave Paul a bloody nose!  Bad Andrew!  Thankfully, the bloody nose wasn't too bad and stopped soon after.  We had Andrew apologize to Paul, and their friendship was maintained.  Obviously, these things happen and hopefully we can teach Andrew through the years how to behave properly around body orifices.  As Paul returned home with leftover desserts in hand, I suppose the one bit of advice I'll give him when he visits us is this:  When Andrew is around, don't bend over.

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