Monday, October 13, 2008

Day 386 - Poll Results & New Poll

Last week, I asked whether or not our meals for the kids seemed okay. We had some reservation that maybe we were either feeding them too much or giving them too much variety. The results show that 53% of you say to continue doing what we've been doing. And 33% say that maybe we should give the kids less variety, but larger portions. As for the remaining votes, I'm just going to pretend they don't even exist...much like the many illegitimate Japanese babies I have spawned and refuse to support.

I guess we'll probably keep on doing what we've been doing because it seems to be working for the kids. But more importantly, we're way too lazy and not creative enough with food to figure out anything new. Sorry, Emma and Andrew. It looks like you'll be eating tofu and drinking soy sauce for another couple of months.


Emma and Andrew have two distinct ways of dealing with discomfort, surprise, or pain. Andrew tends to shake it off. There are times he will cry, but for the most part he'll just jump back on the horse. On the other hand, Emma's face moves in slow motion from shock to confusion to hurt to sadness to anger to raging lunatic. If you're not close to her when she's crying, Emma will hunt you down and pull on you until she gets the comfort and attention she demands.

Granted Emma is only one year old, but guess who else was also one: Paris Hilton, Lauren Conrad, Britney Spears, and Cloris Leachman (I just recently learned that the extreme elderly were also at one time one years old. Who knew?). I don't want Emma to be a crybaby or spoiled, but I also don't want her to feel that her feelings are being ignored. What should we do in instances when Emma isn't seriously hurt, but is seeking attention? Tend to her? Talk her off the ledge? Buy her new shoes?

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