Sunday, July 27, 2008

Day 308 - Random Picture

This past weekend, we went to the West Los Angeles obon festival with friends. And my dear white friends, please do not confuse 'obon' with 'udon.' 'Udon' is a noodle while an obon festival is a...umm...err. To my dear yellow friends, could any one help me out here and explain to me what exactly an obon festival is?

An obon festival is actually a Buddhist celebration of ones ancestors. It's like a family reunion holiday except without the obscene drunkenness and wife beating. We save that behavior for Valentine's Day.

I was in this long line to get this freshly baked Japanese pastry called imagawa yaki. It loosely translates into "wait in long line pastry." Andrew was in my arms this entire time. He was being well-behaved and had enough things surrounding him to occupy his time.

As I neared the counter, this quite pregnant woman approached me. Out of habit I immediately blurted out, "I don't know you and I want a DNA test." Fortunately, all she wanted to do was take a picture of Andrew. I said sure, she took a picture, and that was that.

At first I thought that it was kinda cute that this woman wanted to take a picture of Andrew. But now that a few days has past, I think that this is the most random thing. I tried to rationalize that maybe it's a hobby of hers to take pictures of cute things. But that made no sense because she didn't ask to take a picture of me.

I'm not freaked out that this pregnant woman is some sort of deviant or works for an Asian baby black market. I just don't understand why someone would want to take a picture of a random baby. Go google "cute baby" and go wild with your photo printer at home. But make sure your SafeSearch is on and you don't do any typos. I had my SafeSearch off and accidentally typed "cute ab." Whoops!

Pictures are used to create permanent memories, and for some odd reason this lady wanted a permanent memory of Andrew. I suppose the best thing to do is to take it as a compliment. And who knows, if there is a demand for more cute Asian babies...I guess I'll just have to talk to Lisa and explain how I must share my seed with the world. I'm sure she'll be fine with that.

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Susan Tajii said...

That was odd to have her take Andrew's picture but maybe she wants to replicate the "I just got my finger stuck in a electrical socket" hairstyle look. - Auntie Susan