Sunday, July 20, 2008

Day 301 - The In-Laws Visit

From July 16 through July 20th, Grandma Ichinaga and Pediatric Intensive Care Nurse Auntie Susan visited I Am So Happy To Have Help Around the House Lisa and I Guess I Can't Fart in the Living Room For the Next Five Days Scott.

The first day they arrived, I immediately got grilled by Pediatric Intensive Care Nurse Auntie Susan about the baby-safeness of our place. And when I say immediate, it really was pretty immediate. Look at this time line that was done by our live-in stenographer:

8:15pm Scott arrives home from a long day at work.
8:16pm Scott says hello to the Ichinagas.
8:17pm Scott begins to play with Emma and Andrew.
8:17 pm and 1 second Auntie Susan asks Scott, "Is that dvd cabinet fastened to the wall?
8:17pm and 7 seconds Scott answers, "Yes."
8:17pm and 10 seconds Auntie Susan asks Scott, "Are you suuuure?"
8:17pm and 40 seconds Uncomfortable silence.
8:17pm and 41 seconds Scott answers, "...yes..."

Good thing I got the place baby-safe, right?

Susan and Grandma Ichinaga pretty much just stayed home the entire time to spend time with the kids. They were doing fun stuff like changing diapers, feeding apple sauce, and putting the kids to bed before sunset. And after they were done, I would do the same thing for Grandma Ichinaga.

Timing-wise, it was fortunate they were visiting this past weekend because there were three events we were able to celebrate: 1) our wedding anniversary (which is officially on July 22nd); 2) the "Californication" wrap party; and 3) "The Dark Knight" opening weekend! I must say that if there was one thing I would love to do again, it would be to see "The Dark Knight". But a very close second would be to get remarried.

Since Grandma Ichinaga knows I do this blog every day, she is very careful when she visits. She doesn't want to be featured on this blog at all. Consequently, she was well-behaved and did not do anything to embarrass herself. Unless you count sunbathing topless on our patio embarrassing, but she takes great pride with her body.

The next time we see Grandma Ichinaga and Pediatric Intensive Care Nurse Auntie Susan will be in early September when our nephew Kevin marries his fiancee, Shelvey. All I can say about that is I hope the reception hall will be baby-proofed as well as our place or else that wedding planner will have some 'splaining to do.

Here are some pictures from the weekend:

Auntie Susan finally relents and gives Andrew a bottle after the natural way failed.

Once again, Grandma Ichinaga gets confused between the mouth and the nose.

"Why do we have to dress up when they visit?!?"


Evelina said...

Love your blog! long time reader, first time commenter =).

I'm Shelvey's cousin, by the way. I guess I finally found the right opportunity to comment. I'll be seeing you at the wedding!

kevin said...

Yep Mr. Uncle Cot, that would be Shelvey's cousin who found your page before we even told her about it.