Monday, July 14, 2008

Day 295 - Poll Results & New Poll

Last week, I found myself getting a little behind in the daily updating of this blog. The obvious question to ask all of you readers was how often should I update this mindless blog? After a staggering eighteen votes, all I can say is the following: get a life! Seventy-seven percent of you would like me to update this blog every day. I thought all of you internet people would rather watch free porn than read about the daily bowel movements of babies. Half of the year has past and I've been able to update the blog every day, so what's another six months. It'll just be six more months of drawing cartoons, editing videos, uploading photos, and writing mindless pieces about raising twin. Good lord...what have I created.

For the past nine months, Lisa and I have seen our kids go through the slow process of becoming little individuals. Although it hasn't even been a year, it's pretty interesting to see how different they are already. Without being stereotypical, you also see them taking on traditional gender traits. Andrew is rough with his toys; Emma is more gentle. Andrew gets hyperactive; Emma tends to stay calm. Andrew prefers hard liquor; Emma likes mixed drinks.

The one thing they both find interesting is television. Granted, Emma can watch television a lot longer than Andrew because she focuses on things better and...well...she can't move. But even with on-the-go Andrew, he can sit down for several minutes and watch a captivating baby video. Lisa and I don't think we over do it with the television, but if we need a few minutes to our own we'll turn on the boob tube and let the kids veg out. What do you feel about babies watching television? How much is too much? Does it even matter? Should babies be granted privileges to become Nielsen members?


d-michiko-f said...

TV babysitter kept me sane as a mom of an toddler. ;) Of course now my 13 yo daughter is a TV/movie addict. But she loves to read, write, and create art, too, so it can't have harmed her too much. Whatever. I'm happy and that's all that counts, right?
Your cousin,

Susan Tajii said...

Kevin and Jamie enjoyed TV and look how great they turned out!!!! Auntie Susan