Saturday, July 26, 2008

Day 307 - No! Andrew! Don't!

We love our kids as much as any other parent. But for those of you who aren't yet parents, there will be times when that love disappears and is replaced with deep, deep annoyance. A type of annoyance that may cause you to say in your head, "God d*^# Andrew! Why the f*&% are you being such a s*$(?" Of course I would never think such thoughts...I say them out loud.

You see, Andrew's curiosity gets the best of us. He crawls from place to place pulling things off shelves and tables. He doesn't know how to touch things gently, he only knows how to swat. On a good day, we'll still have band-aids left in our first aid box.

Earlier this week, Lisa took a bunch of pictures that show how Andrew just loves to get around. I put them together into a little video for you to get a sense of how much of a troublemaker this kid could turn out to be.

Excuse me for making this entry so short, but Andrew is about to light Emma on fire. ANDREW! DON'T!

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okay, it's Bernard said...

You could leave a trail of cheese puffs to a laundry basket on a Bugs Bunny!

Video cracked me up!