Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Day 303 - 10 Month Old/8 Year Anniversary

Yesterday, Emma & Andrew turned 10 months old. They celebrated their monthly birthday as they always do: full of ignorance and innocence with a stuffed bear at their side. It is getting more difficult to take pictures of them on the floor next to the bears because they are both moving around so much. If this continues, I may have to replace the teddy bears with grizzly bears to keep the kids down.

Now that the kids are older, I think there are times that Emma and Andrew look alike. Not from all angles, but certain ones from the side. And unfortunately for Andrew, there are sadly some angles from the waist down that may confuse him for Emma (or is that an insult for Emma?).

Lisa is now beginning to brainstorm about the kids' first birthday party. I'm not too sure I'm liking what I'm hearing, but let's just say Daddy's not going to be getting the new LCD bedroom television any time soon. I won't go into it much more, but I have a feeling I'm going to have plenty to write about in the next few months.

And today is another special day: it's our eighth wedding anniversary. Can you believe it was eight years ago when Lisa and I took our sacred wedding vows, and then I got drunk at the wedding and slept with the entire bridal party (yes, the groomsmen too). Every year, we buy each other an anniversary gift; this year the theme is bronze or appliances. Lisa gave me a bronze picture frame and a new fancy flip-it waffle griddle.

I won a waffle griddle and a bronze picture frame!

And here's what I gave Lisa:

I know what you're thinking. "Was Scott a lazy bastard and forgot to give Lisa a gift?" No, you jumping-to-conclusion crackhead. Lisa is wearing her gift. I got her a tube of bronzer. Doesn't Lisa look great? And if you believe that, then she is also holding an invisible panini grill. Happy Anniversary Lisa!

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