Monday, February 25, 2008

Day 156 - Poll Results & New Poll

Looks like last week's poll agreed unanimously with my frugal fashion sense. Sixty-two percent of you thought the shirt was perfectly fine, and the rest of you thought it was a little old fashioned but okay. To celebrate, I'm going to scrounge for loose change in my sofa so I can buy some $3.50 green corduroy pants to go with the shirt.

For this week's poll, we're going to ask you a medical-type of question. A few months ago, Andrew had this rash on his forehead that eventually went away. Well guess what? It's back! And it's in the exact same place. It doesn't seem to bother him except when it bleeds and pus pours out of it (just kidding to any potentially over-reactive friend and family members).

This Wednesday, we're going to take Andrew to the doctor to make sure he's okay and doesn't need any topical ointments like Bengay or Preparation-H. But in the mean time, what do you think this rash is?

This isn't a very good picture of the rash, but you can see the slight discoloration that resembles the continent of Australia. Andrew is basically a Japanese Gorbachev.

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Anonymous said...

my child has the same thing on his spine. i cant figure out what it is. if you do figure it out let me no