Saturday, February 23, 2008

Day 154 - Back to School

This week Lisa returned back to school. She has not been back to work since June 07 when summer vacation started.

I heard stories of mothers who return to work in tears missing their baby. So I told Lisa that it's fine to be sad and miss the kids, but she must not cry. "No tears," I told her. It could be a disaster if Lisa's driving and crying at the same time driving down curvy Beverly Glen Blvd. I mean she can't even parallel park, much less jog down a street without tripping. And I'm glad to report there were no tears and no car accident.

What did it feel like for Lisa on her first day back? Obviously, she would rather stay home until the new school year starts in September, but she was told by her principal that if she didn't return this week she would lose her seniority at the school. That means if there is not a high enough enrollment for the next school year, she could be transferred to another school. So Lisa returned to work neither excited nor depressed.

The substitute teacher that filled in for her was this other Asian girl. Which was terrific since I'm sure at least half the class didn't even know their old teacher disappeared. Lisa told me her classroom seems pretty good, and thinks she shouldn't have to smack any of them.

Thankfully the commute for Lisa isn't too bad. It takes her about 15-20 minutes to get there in the morning, and her commute back is about 20-30 minutes. She gets home between 3:30-4pm which is perfect timing for her to empty out her breasts...which is a weird thing to say because the only things I empty out when I get home are my pockets and bowels.

Since Lisa and I were both working last week, my parents came down to babysit for us all last week and this week. I will finish my current job tomorrow and then will have 3-4 weeks off before I start my next show. At that time my parents will come back down and live in an apartment complex down the street for three months until Lisa gets off for summer vacation.

I'll fill you in more on my parents being down here and our apartment hunting travels on Tuesday.

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