Thursday, February 21, 2008

Day 152 - Five Months Old

Today the kids turned five months old! Here are some pictures:

Emma says, "Not these stupid month old pictures again! You're pissing me off, Daddy..."

"Okay...I'm not mad anymore. Thank you for feeding me ham."

"What do you think of this pose? Does this scream sexy?"

So what have Lisa and I learned over the past five months? This is what we have learned:

1) Babies do not like horseradish.
2) It is easier to change diapers once a week.
3) Television does not make a good babysitter because it cannot put out fires.
4) You put the entire diaper inside a Diaper Genie, not just the contents.
5) It's okay to have babies play with items they don't know how to use like scissors, matches, and chain saws.
6) Babies nap because they need to sleep, not because they are lazy.
7) Sleep is overrated. You can still complete your thoughts with

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