Thursday, February 14, 2008

Day 145 - Valentine's Day

As we are experiencing our first year with the kids, every time we hit a holiday or a celebration we deal with slight adjustments. For Thanksgiving, we had family come to us and we just ordered a turkey dinner. For Christmas, we had to figure out how to travel to Northern California with the kids. For New Years, we cancelled our annual Happy Nude Beer party. But for Valentine's Day, not too much changed.

You see, I'm not a very romantic person. For our very first Valentine's together I took Lisa out to dinner at Burger King and followed up with a screening of "Wayne's World." When we got back to my apartment, Lisa told me, "You're not worthy." No shhhhwing for me that night. Wow...did I just give away my age? Sigh...

Every Valentine's Day is pretty much the same for us: have a nice dinner at home, exchange presents, eat dessert, drop a roofie in Lisa's coffee, and get into bed. This year was pretty similar except for the last part. I believe there are two things in the world that will get you out of the mood: 1. Twin babies crying in bed. 2. The Screech sex tape. Sadly, we had both last night.

After our delicious dinner of take-out sushi, we exchanged our presents. This year I got Lisa candy, a CD, a DVD, and a manicure/pedicure for this Saturday. Not too bad, right? Lisa got me a bag of coffee, some trail mix, a piano book, some homemade coasters with pictures of the kids on it, and a book called "101 Foods That Could Save Your Life." Remember how I said there are two things that will get you out of the mood? I'd like to add this book as number three.

Is this an appropriate Valentine's Day present? Might as well buy me a casket with some chocolates in it. And what's with the title? The words "save your life" tells the buyer that this author is going to rescue you from the clutches of death. But then you toss in the word "could" and that means you're on your own. You can eat 1001 foods and you'd still be dead meat. Thanks Lisa for sending me the romantic message that I'm dying.

Despite the cloud of death hanging over my head, the day was quite nice because of the kids. Lisa dressed them up in their little Valentine's Day outfits that Grandma Ichikawa gave them. When I came home from work, Lisa and I played with Emma and Andrew. They smile and laugh quite a bit now so it becomes infectious. So all in all it was a very nice Valentine's Day. Maybe the best ever...

...except for that damn book.

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