Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Day 150 - Spit Takes

This past weekend we had a lot of visitors. On Saturday afternoon, Kevin, Lisa's nephew, and his fiancee, Shelvey, visited us to spend a night. On Saturday evening, I picked up my sister, Anne (pretzel maven), at the Burbank Airport because she was going to spend Saturday and Sunday night with us. Then on Sunday afternoon, I returned to the Burbank Airport to pick up my mom and dad because they are staying with us for the next two weeks. Finally on Monday, social services visited us to clarify this confusion over a vial of opium, a dead vagrant, and a goat.

One of the funniest things that happened with our guests is that Emma managed to throw up on everyone. Emma hasn't been spitting up too often, but for some reason her upchuck reflex was working on overdrive. Here's a picture of Shelvey holding Emma post spit-up.

As you can see, Emma looks quite relieved to have expelled Lisa's boob juice out of her system. On the other hand, Shelvey is forcing a polite smile expressing her hidden disgust at having what is basically Lisa's leaky breasts rubbing up against her sweater.

Hey wait a second...what is my mom doing in this picture?

Hmm. So peculiar. What is my mom looking at?

Oh that's right. The spit up on my sister's head.

That's right. Our little angel, Emma, spit up all over Anne's (pretzel maven) head. Anne was tossing Emma up and down like a little 747 airplane hitting turbulence. I guess they hit a pretty big air pocket because it forced more of Lisa's nipple nectar all over Anne's head. Thankfully my super clean mom was on hand to clean up the mess. She grabbed the largest straw she could find and sipped up every last bit of milk off of Anne's head.

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