Thursday, January 31, 2008

Day 131 - Capuchin Curiosity

Instead of carrying on about Emma's sleeping for another day, I thought I'd talk a little about how our little capuchin is developing. The one thing that we've noticed about Andrew is his curiosity about things. I'm not talking about any advanced curiosity since he doesn't even know his finger from his penis (silly boy put his finger in daddy's jock strap). But this kid is never still and always loves looking at anything bright and shiny.

One of the nice things about Emma is that when you hold her in your arms, she grabs on to you and cuddles. When you put Andrew in your arms, he's wiggling and squirming like Julia Roberts in "Steel Magnolias" looking for a glass of orange juice. His back arches, his head swings, and drool flies from one shoulder to the next as he tries to look at everything in the room.

Possibly one of the reason for this difference between Emma and Andrew is that Andrew is much more physically active. He's able to turn his head and body in ways that Emma cannot. Whereas we notice Emma hitting developmental milestones a little earlier than Andrew, Andrew has been advancing faster with the physical ones. You could attribute this due to Andrew's lighter weight, but that would be the easy answer. My opinion on this is that...well...I think the reason why he is able to do more physically is because...umm...oh's because he's not a fatty.

In the past week, we've been able to put some light toys in the kid's hands and they're able to hold onto it. Emma tends to stare at a toy and probably thinks to herself, "I don't think I can eat this." But Andrew will take a toy and kinda play with it. Mind you, "play" to a four month old baby means drool on it and then drop it on the floor. Sadly that is also "play" to a ninety-four year old.

Here are a few pictures of our monkey with a little toy:

Here's Andrew with this little elephant toy. We initially gave him a little chicken toy, but Emma grabbed it, breaded it, and tossed it into a fryer.

Notice how Andrew is wondering why this part of the elephant isn't located between its legs.

I'm not sure why Andrew decided to smell his fingers after touching the elephant's nose, but I sure hope this doesn't become a habit that carries into toilet training.

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Kevin said...

When Andrew is looking down, he looks a lot like Emma