Thursday, January 24, 2008

Day 124 - Beguiling Bride by Scott Ichikawa

I hope everyone enjoyed Lisa's blog entry as much as I did not.

That's right, you heard me. I did NOT enjoy the blog entry. Sure it was well-written and funny and accurately depicted me as "cute on sight" (although Lisa graciously omitted the words "by a blind person"). But here is why I did not enjoy the posting: Lisa was conning me!

I don't know how many of you have read the comments on Lisa's post, but by mid-afternoon you had the following:

mynameisanne (my sister) said...BEST BLOG ENTRY EVER IN THE UNIVERSE.

susan (Lisa's sister) said...WOW...what an amazing entry...I'm blown away!!!!

So I think to myself that maybe this will make Lisa do a few more blog entries. Good for her. Then a few hours later there was this comment:

sburr1 said...Who knew you were soooo funny!! You need to keep it up....

Wow. Another comment. Ever since I started the blog I was lucky to get 1 comment over a four week period, but never three in one day. I guess Lisa's writing struck a nerve. Another few hours she received MORE comments:

kevin said...Is it just me, or did the quality of the writing just improve immensely? More Pizza Pie!!!

kevin said...Pizza, You should post something funny with scott as the butt of the joke!!

First of all, don't give her any future blog ideas, Kevin. Secondly, it begun to strike me odd that so many people were commenting in one day. Could Lisa have been asking people to post comments? Nah.

But then there were these two last comments that made me think something weird was going on:

mrs. braverman said...All these years, I thought Scott was the funniest person in the world... boy, was I wrong -- it's his wife!

jesus christ said...Wow. Hilarious! Good job, Lisa -- you're going to heaven!

There's no way my high school teacher, Mrs. Braverman, knew anything about my blog. And it's even more ridiculous that Jesus Christ posted a comment because I know for a fact his MacBook Pro is in the shop.

So what's the deal? I'll tell you what the deal is. Lisa was conning me! All day today, she called and e-mailed her friends and family to post a comment to her entry describing how deliriously delightful it was. If I didn't figure this out today, she said she was going to leave messages with her co-workers and her former student's parents to post more comments. And as she was telling me this, she was laughing hysterically while breast feeding the kids which was rather unfortunate because the shaking of her body caused the kids to unlatch from her nipples creating a stream of breast milk to stain the sofa.

I guess the joke's on me then. All I can say after this experience is that both Lisa and I will live a very, very, very long time as evidenced by this article.

I'll post some pictures up tomorrow, and on Saturday I'll give you a summary of Andrew's and Emma's four month check-up which we had yesterday.

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Brian said...

we want lisa!