Monday, January 21, 2008

Day 121 - Poll Results & New Poll

Although I'm sure we'd all love Lisa to write an entry about the sexiness of Sonic the Hedgehog versus Mario the...err...Italian Lothario, the people have voted, and Lisa's next blog will be about whether or not she has been embarrassed by the blog. Hopefully Lisa will not be too cruel, but thankfully I have a prenup that will protect my assets (i.e. my Wii).

This week's poll pertains to what happened to Lisa today with the kids. Since Lisa returns to work next month, she decided to go to school to pick up some stuff from her classroom because today is a holiday. The kids were well-behaved, and the trip home was perfect because it was time for their next feeding. Lisa took Emma out of car seat and placed her on the sofa. As Lisa walked away, she smelled something foul. After ruling herself out, she picked Emma back up and discovered that poop seeped through three layers of clothing PLUS it was on top of the sofa. Lisa hurried Emma to the changing table, soaked the poopy clothes, gave a bath, and cleaned the sofa.

Thankfully, Andrew was sound asleep in the car seat this whole time. So Lisa finally had the time to get Andrew out and guess what? He also pooped through his diaper and all over his clothes! It was a total crap-tastrophe.

Lisa pleads with our loyal audience to give as a clue as to what she...err...we could be doing wrong. And if none of the options suit you, feel free to comment!

P.S. Today is Andrew and Emma's four month birthday! Will post some pictures up tomorrow.


sburr1 said...

You need to spend the extra few bucks on pampers!!!!! the whole poop up the back thing is just not worth the savings!!!!!

Anonymous said...

You know, if you just stop feeding them, they wouldn't have any food to poop out. Duh. Sure, they may cry a little, but your sofa would be spotless!