Saturday, September 24, 2011

Day 1443 - Balloon Mania

We bought the kids balloons for their birthday.  I don't know why I even bother buying latex balloons anymore because the only ones that last are the Mylar balloons.  What is it that is so magical about the long-lasting Mylar balloons?  Some say it's the material, but I say it must be the magical unicorn breath that they use to inflate the balloons.  Or at least that what Emma says.

If I knew how much the kids were going to enjoy their balloon, I would've just given them a $3.99 balloon for their birthday.  It really is refreshing and nice to see young kids find enjoyment with simple things like balloons, boxes, and iPads.

For almost ten straight minutes, Andrew and Emma were chasing each other around the house with their balloons.  We love seeing the kids laughing, smiling, and running around the house for the sole reason that they will fall asleep faster at bedtime.  And if not that, strapping them to our treadmill for another 20 minutes usually does the trick.  Just make sure you hydrate them afterwards...but not too much or else they'll piss their beds.

Here's a video of the kids chasing each other with their balloons:

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