Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Day 1440 - Happy 4th Birthday

Today, the kids turn four years old.  I can hardly believe how fast time flies.  It seemed like it was only yesterday when I was changing Andrew's diapers.  Oh wait.  That was yesterday.  Never mind.

We already had a birthday party for the kids in Santa Clara and Sacramento.  So today will be birthday celebration number three, and on Saturday, we are having a small party with friends.  We did not decide to invite the entire preschool for a party because when we asked Emma and Andrew who they play with at school, they said each other.  But we did tell their preschool that we would bring cupcakes for snack to celebrate Andrew's and Emma's birthday.

I thought cupcakes would be an easy enough snack, but I did not realize how much time it took to make four dozen cupcakes.  And silly Lisa asked the kids what kind of cupcakes they wanted, so we had to make monkey and ladybug cupcakes.  I suggested to the kids that we could decorate the cupcakes with lady monkeys, but their answer to that was kicking my shins.

To get some suggestions on how to make monkey and ladybug cupcakes, I did a quick Google image search; an innocent typo when I typed "lady cakes" made for an amusing diversion.  There were a wide variety of images to choose from, and none of them seemed too difficult.  So after several hours of baking and frosting, here is a picture of the finished product:

When we brought the cupcakes to school, all of the teachers thought they were very cute and complemented Lisa on the decoration.  But Lisa had to correct the teachers and tell them that her metrosexual husband, in fact, decorated all of the cupcakes.  Suddenly, all of the teachers looked at me in a different way.  Probably because I was wearing a dress (What?  It was hot!).

After preschool, the kids came home and opened up all of their gifts.  The big hit with Andrew was his Disney Cars wooden road track that is compatible with all of his other wooden train tracks.  And Emma really loved her Mulan and Kanga plush dolls.  And as for Mommy and Daddy, we enjoyed opening all of their birthday cards and spending all of their birthday cash on our utility bills.

I made this photo collage of the kids from birth to their fourth birthday.  It's pretty crazy to think four years has past.  I really don't remember anything too specific from birth until their first birthday -- probably because of the alcohol.  But after looking at their birthday pictures from the past years, I can hardly believe they are four.

So to all of you new parents out there, it is true.  Your kids grow up really fast.  In just four short years, our little, helpless babies have grown up to become talkative, demanding, and sarcastic children.  In just four short years, I have not completed an entire book or video game.  In just four short years, if you assume the average cost of raising a child is $22,000, we have spent $176,000.  Wow.  Suddenly, these last four years feel really, really long.

Happy birthday, Emma and Andrew!!!

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