Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Day 1439 - Who's the Boss?

Lisa attended a mandatory preschool meeting that went over the entire school year.  I was unable to attend because I had a much more pressing issue to deal with at home:  give the kids a bath.

When Lisa came home, she told me that she had a very interesting story to tell me.  I couldn't wait!  I couldn't wait to hear what type of oh-so interesting story she was going to tell me from a mandatory preschool meeting.  Increased tuition?  New potty seats?  Oh boy oh boy!

It turns out the story was pretty interesting.  Lisa was talking to one of the directors at the preschool, and she mentioned to Lisa that they were thinking of separating Andrew and Emma at school.  Too much genius and good looks in one class?  Far from it.  The reason why was because Emma was bossing Andrew around too much!

I'm not too sure where Emma gets the bossiness from, but I'll get back to that in a few minutes.  Lisa is screaming at me to mop the kitchen floor because Andrew spilled some milk.

(10 minutes pass)

Okay.  I'm back.  Like I said, I have no idea where Emma gets her bossiness from.

The director told us that Emma will do certain things with Andrew that concerns them.  If they are walking through a door together, she will push him out of the way, walk through the door first, and say, "I win!"  If they are waiting as a group to see a science project, she will push him out of the way and say, "I get to see it first!"  Lots of pushing and winning.

What's interesting is that this is all behavior that we see at home too.  But at home, Andrew is often the instigator and wants to beat Emma all of the time.  The environment of the preschool must hold Andrew back a little bit because he certainly tries to hold his own at home.

The reason why the preschool decided not to separate the kids is because Andrew is starting to stand-up for himself now.  I think it's a combination of two things:  1)  He is more comfortable at school, and 2) he is more comfortable telling Emma to beat it.

I think it's pretty natural when you have two people together from birth that one of them will be more of a leader and the other more of a follower.  But just as their personalities and interests go back and forth, I think their leadership and following roles will also change.  Much akin to my leadership role in my relationship with Lisa, I tend to find that...oh wait...I'm going to have to cut this entry short because Lisa needs me to use the toe rasp to file off her calluses.  More later!

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