Thursday, September 1, 2011

Day 1420 - Crazy Gagaland

We are now in Sacramento visiting Crazy Gaga and Lazy Papa (with a guest appearance by Auntie Anne - pretzel maven!) through Sunday.  It is always nice to visit Sacramento because it reminds me of two things:  1)  Where I grew up, and 2) having Crazy Gaga constantly reminding me that everything I do is wrong. 

There aren't any big plans in the land of Crazy Gaga except for a handful of family get-togethers and a small birthday party for the kids.  Though the kids have been occasionally grouchy because of the travel, they are in good spirits because they have Crazy Gaga to dote on them all day long PLUS she is sneakily buying their love by giving them presents every morning. 

But the highlight for me so far has been when Emma was in my parent's backyard.  They have a persimmon tree, and Crazy Gaga covets her persimmons so much that she covered all of them with netting and newspaper to keep the birds and squirrels away.  I suggested putting up a scarecrow that looked like Crazy Gaga, but Crazy Gaga disapproved (although I have my suspicions that Lazy Papa liked it.):

When Emma saw the persimmon tree with all of the fruit covered with newspaper, this is all she had to say about it:

"Look, Daddy!  This is how they grow newspapers every morning!"

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